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THE SECT - Voodoo Resistor Club @MetaMarathon

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The Sect - Progress Bar
Interactive, performative Installation
March 2019, KISD Project “Voodoo Resistor Club”
Jule Arden, Hannah Baldauf, Paulina Stein
Credits: Fractals by Balduin Allroggen
Edit: Hannah Baldauf

Framework: A fictive scenario in 2049. Society on its way to take self improvement as the fundament for a new ideology of the perfect human. Setting humans in a perfectionized place apart from nature. Therefore the underground is rebelling against the enormous loss of morality, self awareness and humanistic values. Their belief is based on the conception that the smallest organisms take the biggest part in repairing what thoughtless action has destroyed. Demanding to rank science and biology as a sacred tool in order to reach a harmonic future with all life existing. Further to create the approach that understanding means progress, that learning is essential and rebellion the last resort. The heart of the progress bar is the laboratory of the sect, an underground formation self performing the approach in research with organisms, the micro and the macro. In order to reach the bar, you will see yourself faced with the decision left or right. The only indicator for your choice are two progress bars, one that never reaches 100%. Is there any reason except for inattentiveness to choose this direction which obviously doesn’t lead you to your goal?
Approximately 80% of the people experiencing the installation of the progress bar chose the uncovered corridor that would never have taken them to where they wanted to. A life performing experiment on people’s choices. The mirror of society’s thoughtlessness. Our way to point a black gloved finger at you.

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