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The Maker - The Performatives

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The Choreographic Object

"Their quite substantial bodies, put into action by the force of their ideas, left discernible traces of those ideas in the real world: from nowhere to somewhere, not everywhere, and no longer exclusively with their bodies."
William Forsythe

Tunnel under the courtroom
As prisoners waited in the dark cold tunnel under the courtroom, they shuffled their feet, perhaps to stay warm, or to release nervous tension. Or maybe it was the groves left by others, felt under foot, eliciting this unconscious choreography. Leaving traces, not of physical embodied ideas, but feelings and sensations. On seeing these groves, scored into the stone, there is the potential to re-enact the choreography of the condemned.

Studio outside the workshop
Despite attempts to clear and clean the studio for the next batch of shiny new students, remnants of the past remain. The workbench is textured with scratches and pain splashes, chips and cuts and lumps of glue. A collective surface yielding itself to another semester of torture and wear. Hammering, cutting, splashing, bending, drilling, the surface of the bench is rich with physical traces of bodily actions.

The Maker
Experimental sound and video work created by The Maker - the queering body, as part of The performatives: Material impressions, encountered signs and performative acts. Workshop for critical spacial thinkers. School of Creative Arts and Media. UTAS Hobart, Tasmania, February - March 2019.
Workshop coordinator" Ana Serrano, Building Performance: Choreoarchtectune as spacial scoring of the skin within. Filmed at the old Hobart Convict Penitentiary and UTAS School of Creative Arts, Hunter St, Hobart by Phoebe Adams, The Maker.

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