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The Galaxiville by Irfan A. Karowalia

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Its a story of a teenager who was a NASA Academy student and his parents who were on a mission to Mars have suddenly went missing, to find and bring them back home. His Uncle Sam who will eventually help him get of this planet and into space. During this adventure he will meet some of the most amazing races, one of which is known as the Burrowers, one of whom he will eventually be friend with, he has this ability to dig underground tunnels at an astonishing speed as this is what they used to to at their planet Dahrfall, as they have designed their world under the surface of the planet with extensive tunnel network and homes with in. Grodi is amphibian beast, who was powerful but didn't speak nor had a mouth but was intelligent and was fighting for its right to the seat in the Council. Lavilya is one of the Kysh, a genetically modified plant and humanoid hybrid who is capable of creating and manupalting botanic life forms, who will eventually become Aidans love interest, Quini the repltilian is an expert in martial art, who along with her brother, are indebted to Aidan for rescuing them from their planet and request to joins Aidan, in his fight against Vende the cruel politicial, who wants to rule the Galaxiville by doing what she does best by playing every possible politics she could, to make Aidan and his friends look like the enemies of the Galaxiville and its races, rendering them hopeless rebels who now have to create and assemble an army by making allies who now dont trust them, by fulfiling either their problems or challenges they set for him in exchange for a return favor by promising him to provide him their full support in lodging an attack at the Vende strong hold, planet Terra Prime where she is keeping Aidan's parents as hostage. He is a writer who loves to write stories and ideas which has occurred to him over his life time either via documentaries and self-explorations about the matter in the universe, humans and other life forms and where they came from and above all why they are created in the first place. His goal is to keep putting these ideas onto the paper as long as he could, while keeping a work and family life balanced and leaving a legacy behind. Contact Irfan at [email protected]

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