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The Fight Within

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The Fight Within is both a camera test for the new Sony Venice and an imaginary fight scene between three stunt performers - both of which lie far outside my regular wheelhouse as a documentary filmmaker.

The Camera Test:
With an opportunity to take the full frame Sony Venice out for a spin, I wanted to test its dual ISO with a night shoot and put its 15 stops to the test, as well as review the high-speed read out from its sensor that promised to remove the jello shots normally seen on CMOS sensors. A nighttime fight scene was the perfect opportunity and myself and some friends shot with a mix of shutter angles, f-stops, ISO's, and lighting situations. Not ideal for making a video but it was super helpful to learn about the camera.

A few take away points; the 16-bit XOCN format is a dream, trust the higher 2500 ISO setting as it is awesome, and use full frame glass to make the most of the camera - we were lucky to have a set of Sigma FF High Speed lenses for the shoot.

The Fight Scene:
I connected with Vancouver-based fight choreographer, Shihan Shannah Robin who put together a short fight scene with two fellow stunt fighters, Jesse Vlahovic and Dylan Norberg. We wanted to focus on the action, keeping unnecessary acting to a minimum, and so we went with the imaginary 2-on-1 street fight, no weapons.

Special thanks to amazing team at RAW CAMERA COMPANY for letting us test one of their Sony Venice camera packages - check them out at Also to BETTER WAY LIGHTING for some LED tubes that I've wanted to test for awhile, check them out at

And finally, thanks to the following folks for coming together for this shoot:
Steadicam Op - Scott Kimber.
1st AC – Marc Webb.
And to Shari Bailey, David Lavallée and Arno Hazebroek

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