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The Creation

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A short animation calls The Creation - My personal project for the MSI Creator Award 2021.

The Renaissance (means rebirth) era represents an astonishing revival of art, math, philosophy, science, etc. During that time, it sets new artistic values which is why I chose it for the "Aesthetic" part in the theme "Tech meets aesthetic" as to how technology also changes those fields nowadays. The concept is inspired by one of the most famous paintings in the Renaissance era: The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo. I recreate the scene in the painting with a twist by introducing "technology" elements. The concept depicts a robot arm (technology) tries to build a human statue with a robotic skeleton as a foundation. The concept aligns with the humanism concept of Renaissance art which places central emphasis on the human realm, human values, aesthetic and virtues. The robotic skeleton represents how technology as a foundation can integrate and helps build new values, virtues and aesthetic to humanity.

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