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The Clanger and The Door

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The Clanger and The Door.

Our (inadmissible) entry to The Collective short film competition. Was so much fun to make with Henry.

We animated the whole thing at 10 frames per second (as close to the original 8 frames as we could) which meant a lot of maths. We recorded and edited the entire audio track before shooting and used the storyboard to work out how many seconds a shot would last and how many frames each piece of action would need. It almost entirely lines up in sync.

The editing was a bit of a nightmare for Henry as we do not have any software currently so relied on Windows movie maker. There is, as a result, no colour grade on the final export, we experimented and found that 'Ludwig,' on Instagram was the best filter to crush the blacks and make the colour what we wanted.

For audio luckily audacity exists which is an entirely free and very powerful editing tool that he's used before. We decided not to use the original clanger theme tune for practical copyright purposes, not wanting our video to be immediately stripped from social media, so used a track licensed from the audio network. The other sound effects (and narration) were recorded in our flat in Ealing whenever the neighbours didn't have their washing machine switched on, with a couple of free library sounds.

The ending I've had lots of feedback about but I'm glad we went with something ambiguous, we had a number of endings planned but Hannah wanted the tone to be sinister as opposed to gratuitously disturbing or gory. The idea with the red planet and low rumble was to make the doorway itself feel like an ominous presence, like the megalith from 2001: a Space Odyssey.

Ultimately we were immediately disqualified for using copyrighted characters but the @collective_hq @lacie_tech sent us a very nice message and feedback about our film, we'll read the rules more carefully next time! @ London, United Kingdom

Wouldn't be possible without the invaluable @fothergrips

@collective_hq @lacie_tech @the_ningyo

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