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The Beginning of Everything with Tina Maze Adria

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In this inspiring and passionate Adria New Generation Lifestyle video we get to know the new innovative products of Adria Mobil, the Coral motorhome and the Adora caravan, through the on-off life philosophy of Tina Maze, a retired Slovenian World Cup alpine racer and double Olympic gold medalist, and her coach and partner Andrea Massi.

The on-off philosophy emphasises the importance of balance in life. The balance of movement and stillness. The balance between moving as fast as you can and doing nothing. The balance between doing your best to chase the best wind to catch the wave, and lying still in the hammock. The balance between adventure, freedom, journeys into the unknown, and on the other hand, family, home, and everything familiar.

In the video, the Coral motorhome inspires the on side of their philosophy. The motorhome is the vehicle of freedom, movement, dynamics, and adventure. With the motorhome, we follow Tina and Andrea on their windsurfing and rock climbing adventure. The energy with which they surf and climb reminds us of the past time when Tina and Andrea trained for the Olympic medals. The flames of their passion might be tamer but are still here. Even in their free time activities, they are doing their best to seize the moment and enjoy the movement.

On the other hand, the Adora caravan inspires the off side of their philosophy. A caravan is a place where everything comes to stillness. A caravan is a place for contemplation, quality family time, doing nothing else but enjoying the moment, well simply carpe diem. The caravan gives Tina, Andrea, and their daughter space for softness, gentleness and calmness.

Production: TENT
Client: Adria Mobil
Producers: Klemen Skubic, Ajda Ažman Jazbec
Copywriter: Katarina Jazbec
Director: Ciril Jazbec
DOP: Sven Pepeonik
Editor: Jan Jenko
1st AD: Tina Fratnik
Drone: Mare Ruzic, Matej Lavka
Location manager: Matic Kosorok
Music: Gal Gjurin

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