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1. Dim Sum

- Tasks: all aspects

- Programs: Maya, Arnold, Houdini, nCloth

- My final project for CSCI1280: Intermediate Computer Animation was an in depth study of modeling and realistically shading food. Modeling and shading was done in Maya. Houdini was used for random sesame seed generation, and nCloth was used for the soup dumpling relaxation simulation. The chair model was a free online model. I referenced the Pixar paper ‘Anyone Can Cook’: The full demo can be viewed here:

2. A Quiet Afternoon

- Tasks: all aspects except for orange models

- Created for an assignment on art-directed shading.

3. Cake Generator

- Tasks: all aspects

- Programs: Python, pyMel, Maya, Arnold

- A Python tool for generating different cakes. The first image is an art-directed scene using a model generated with the tool (the geometry of which I added more detail and variation to), and the images after are examples of the variation in cakes that can be created. Python scripting was also used for creating variation in the seeds of the strawberries.

4. Cornelius

- Tasks: modeling, shading, rigging, animating

- Programs: Maya, Arnold

- Created for a character design assignment. I used blend shapes for the mouth and a jiggle deformer for the belly.

5. Friends

- Tasks: Modeling, shading

- Programs: Maya, Arnold

- Created for a modeling and shading project using real objects as reference.

6. Roof Tiler
- Tasks: all aspects
- Programs: Python, pyMel, Maya, Arnold
- A Python tool used for tiling surfaces in Maya. The tool can tile flat and curved planes, and the GUI allows the user to choose various parameters for the tiles, such as shape, angle, size, and randomness.

7. Missing Cat

- Tasks: modeling, shading, rigging, and animating the main character. I also worked on set dressing and modeling, lighting, and the 2D facial animation. 

- Programs: Maya, Arnold

- This was my final project for CSCI1250: Intro Computer Animation. I worked with Eddie Jiao, Zack Even, and Zev Izenberg on pre-production (which took place over two months) and production (which took place over one month). Pre-production involved creating a storyline, developing the art direction, and storyboarding.

8. VR Environment for Vive (group project)

- Tasks: L-Systems, skybox

- Programs: C++, OpenGL, GLSL, QtCreator

- Final project for CSCI1230: Computer Graphics. I worked with Ellen Jiang, Zev Izenberg, and Vicki Tan. We created an environment for the HTC Vive, focusing on L-System generation, procedural terrain generation, and crepuscular rays. I was responsible for implementing L-System generation, which we used for generating trees and flowers, and for implementing the skybox. The last several images are examples of flowers that I created parameters for and generated.

9. Raytracer
- Tasks: all aspects

- Programs: C++, OpenGL, QtCreator

- Project for CSCI1230: Computer Graphics. I created a recursive raytracer that renders 3D primitives and supports reflections, shadows, and texture mapping. The first image shows a scene ray-traced without taking shadows or reflections into account. The second image shows the scene with shadows enabled. The third image shows the scene with shadows and reflections enabled. The fourth image shows the scene with shadows, reflections, and texture mapping enabled.

10. Fine Art

- Digital illustration, all done in Photoshop.

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