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Taking Breath

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December 15-16, 2018, Hamburg, Germany.

Concept/Choreography and Perform: Naishi Wang
Outside Eye: Paul-André Fortier and Ginelle Chagnon
Dramaturgy: Ivy Wang and Francoise Hüsges
Lighting Design: Ivy Wang
Stage Design: Francoise Hüsges

Plastic waste. Climate change. Shortage of fossil fuels. Human consumption. Loss of
biodiversity. Marine Life. These are often at the forefront in discussions regarding our impact
on the environment. Even when we talk about air, we are concerned about carbon emissions
and the consequences such as global warming, melting ice caps and the ozone. Seldom is
clean breathable air discussed as it is. Will we run out of breathable air?
Breathing - an innate action of taking in air and expelling it from the lungs.“Taking Breath”
brings the subconscious to the conscious, the passive to the active; questioning how we
have taken breathing and the air we breathe, for granted. The piece is a choreographic
inquiry exploring the multiple facets of breathing in our lives - What is it like without
breathing? What is it like with too much breathing? How does breathing affect movement?
How does breathing affect our thoughts? When does breathing start to mean something?
When does breathing become communication? When does breathing start to matter? When
will air start to matter to us?

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