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Take Out The Outcome Taylor Graham Solo clip

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February 2019
'Thoughts On People' by Justin Vernon
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Work Description;
How can I give my body the perceptual potential that is already existing? Can a healthy sense of self be powerfully inclined along side? In this particular phase of my work, I am researching movement becoming uninterrupted by an image or idea in forthcoming getting closer to my experiences/trauma’s—specifically where they occupy my body and how I may move them. To be someone having a human experience. To unveil the possibilities beyond ideas coming forth into the center of the universe. I can choose to pay close mind to the circumstances in which form and belief emerge. I can choose to engage with mobility, invite it in, and witness it unfold.   

I believe the work involves a wholesome movement of personhood, an involvement of my sensitivity, and the conditions of having a human experience in the modern world. It is everything and nothing. Furthermore, the problem is we think we exist, and by means of that cognition we reduce our experience to a singularity that is already always in action. To get to know reality being unstable, changing, and impermanent, I must first identify my own personal loss and longing in relationship, which begins with work of the body. Allowing flux in my body to move my emotions has loosened my grip around what dance should feel like or look like. It has allowed me to connect with my community, and continuously raise questions of what is this thing (body), and what can it do? May we inhabit the form? Or have the courage not to do?

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