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My animation represents the value of Whanaungatanga, meaning belonging and connectedness. To me, this means making people feel loved and included, even when they are different to ourselves. I was also inspired by the value of Manaakitanga, meaning hospitality, support, and generosity. To me, these values intertwine because generosity and support towards others can in turn foster their feeling of belonging. My animation shows this value in the way the boy is being observant towards the snowman, and notices he isn’t happy. This shows how he is being aware of other’s feelings and not just thinking about himself. Even though the snowman is different to him and he doesn’t necessarily need to care, he still shows generosity by lending him a warm hat. This hospitality then creates a connection between the boy and the snowman, as we can see at the end of the animation with them holding hands and sharing a smile. This shows how a bit of kindness can make anyone feel like they belong. I wanted to show how impactful that feeling of connection is, with how the snowman’s mood changes completely from the start of the animation to the end. He goes from being miserable and alone, to smiling and content. Although the woolly hat warmed him up, so did the warmth of kindness. I want to show how it costs nothing to support someone else, and we should all be aware of how small acts can have a big impact on others.

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