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Still Chanting

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*Trigger Warning: Pro-hate and Aryan-centric iconography and speech.*
Please watch until the end.

During the “Black Lives Matter” protests of June 2020, the irony of the timeless rhetoric captured in the audio of this performance is not lost on me.
The sentiment expressed by some the great (and not so great) thinkers of the past, imbues a current era of racial superiority as well as antiracism.

We are still repeating the same mantra’s that we have been chanting throughout all civil rights movements.
As of the day that I published this video, July 7th, 2020, the United States actively defends and supports coded ideas of genetic supremacy and blind nationalism.

I’ve been told that racism in America is over.
While many white people believe that racism no longer exists; because they don’t see it, they don’t believe that they actively partake in it, BIPOC people can tell you that it is very alive and well. It is surreptitious. It is written into codes and laws that govern the United States.
It is systemic.

As a queer BIPOC raised in a white bohemian household, intersectionality is what I’ve lived and breathed since birth.
As is my existence in the world, this performance is layered and intersectional. Intentional and provocative.

I invite you to ask yourself these questions:
Do I truly understand the concept of “systemic racism”?
Do the BIPOC in my life see me as an ally or a bystander?
Am I actively anti-racist? (Not to be confused with non-racist.)
How can we do better?

Performed and conceived by the Luminous Pariah
Videography: Danny Boulet from Wittypixel Productions
Lighting: Keith Taveras
Special thanks to Theatre Off Jackson

“Down to the River to Pray” - Alison Kraus
“Runaway” - Beats Antique
“Didn't Leave Nobody but the Baby” - Emmylou Harris

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