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Step in Twice

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Step in Twice,
Solo Show, Mejan Gallery, Stockholm, 2013

Solo Exhibition, Mejan Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden, 2013

Performance art has the ability to alter the performer’s consciousness and change his reality tunnel. In game context, player is the performer and the game itself is the performance.
The interactive array of step-in twice is an internal game and journey. The themes of this piece were inspired by the Conversation of Shams Tabrizi, the discourses of Rumi, and the works of Henry Corbin. It addresses the concepts of selflessness, memory, no-where-land and the world of imagination.
At first, the spectator is asked to stand opposite the mirror, seven glass balls are there which some of them has rose smells inside, and to take a ball. A total of 200 glass balls have been provided for the entire duration of the exhibition. As one side of the ball is heavier than the other, they incline to this side and act like a “drunk”, meaning they don’t move straight and controlled fashion on a plain surface. Picking a ball in front of a mirror is like a self-portrait moment, Hand with transparent sphere, then he/she follows 45 meters drawings made by heat on a roll paper, movie film reel like, black and white, symmetrical, following by another mirror and a map of the gallery building. Getting to the next room will be confronted a huge maze. The maze measures five meters by one and can be moved to different directions and angles. The text on the maze’s walls, which was designed in the manner of hazarbaf (thousand weavings) or suspended, is “be drunk now and attain alertness, if you fall at sea and cannot swim, be dead till water passes overhead and thus glide gleefully above water”
The spectator can place the glass ball on a spot inside the maze to try to move it around the maze’s wall and holes. The movement of the drunken ball in the maze and its collision with the walls inside a big hall, create a sound like sea waves, crashing on cliffs. If the ball falls in a hole, sometimes, randomly it will be ejected and smashed. This installation will be gradually completed through the interaction with the spectators and the scattering of the broken ball pieces on the ground. Then there is a door, walking up the stairs, she/he will confront the last piece, an interactive installation made of three lights installed on tripods. Each light has an automatic on and off control with some time intervals. The viewer can stand between the lights and the wall and trace his own shadows on the wall by using a pencil.

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