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Standing stone-Bicycle

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In almost all mountains, intersections, lakes, and river banks in Tibet, China. There are piles of aura with various sizes of stones. Local people call them Marnyi, each stone condenses the prayers of believers. No matter where it is, Marnyi has become an indispensable part of people's spiritual life.
So I constructed an urban Marnyi Pile in the simplest and purest action to show inner conflicts. In this way, I discussed the matter of civilization and stance in the transformation of two kinds of "Marnyi stone piles." One is the primitive prayer for spiritual civilization, the other is the restraint and abandonment of urban civilization. For example, rabbits that died during experiments, abandoned shared bicycles, fire extinguishers that need to be abandoned after use, etc. They are the cornerstones of the development of human civilization. Using them to build "Marnyi stone piles" is a prayer for fringe things and hoping that people can glimpse the absurdity and brutality of civilization itself.

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