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Exhibition opened LIVE on Facebook & Instagram on 11th May 2021 at 7pm GMT
Pepney Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the Online Virtual Exhibition entitled Spiritual Awakening officially opening on 11th May at 7pm GMT. Live on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously.

The notion of the spiritual awakening has been around for centuries and can be observed in a variety of cultures and religions around the world. A spiritual awakening begins the moment a person can step back and "awake" to their life with a new sense of being in this world.

Spiritual awakenings can be mildly unnerving at first, as they often cause us to grapple with questions like, “Who am I, and why am I here?” But there can also be a certain element of wonder and excitement when we find ourselves suddenly feeling very much alive.

The idea of the spiritual awakening was popularized in the Western world by famed psychiatrist Carl Jung (who described the process as coming back to the original Self), but the experience of rising to a higher state of consciousness has always been an intrinsic part of what it means to be human.

Carl Jung’s technique of active imagination was an integral part of her work. In the book Approaches to Art Therapy, Wallace wrote a chapter on active imagination entitled Healing through the Visual Arts. She shared the importance of working with images, stating: “Since the image precedes the word, we can through images (as well as through body movement) evoke unknown aspects of the psyche and bring them to the light of consciousness; this results in understanding and often healing. For healing to take place, however, we must take the consequences of what we have understood and bring our understanding into the reality of lived life. Only then, the space for spiritual awakening may happen which would bring up a tendency to think and act spontaneously rather than from fears based on past experience. An individual may have an unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment or an increased tendency to let things happen rather than make them happen. This would be apparent in most artist’s practices through unconscious actions in their art making. Jung has been referred to in many historical writings, relating to artist’s work, most knowingly through the surrealist era. Unveiling the unconscious workings of an artist is a pivotal point or eureka moment. An artistic enlightenment awakening. The collage element of this exhibition’s cover image, holding an element of each artist’s work, resonates with collage of the Surrealist era.

Other symptoms of spiritual awakening may include frequent attacks of smiling; Feelings of being connected with others and nature; Frequent overwhelming episodes of appreciation; A tendency to think and act spontaneously rather than from fears based on past experience; An unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment; A loss of ability to worry; A loss of interest in conflict; A loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others; A loss of interest in judging others; A loss of interest in judging self and gaining the ability to love without expecting anything.

Featured artists include; Caroline Karp, Christina Elzateeva, Crys Draconi, Emilija Teofilovic, Frank Velasco, Jia-Rey Chang, Johanna Mangold, Judit Prieto, Kaoru Shibuta, L. Mylott Manning, Marek Zajko, Margot Domart, Mary Anne Zammit, Matthew Nespor, Neo Makondo, Pari Wrigley, Peter Pirker, Root Yarden, Susan Evans Grove, Viet Van Tran, Vilma Leino and Wendy Alber.

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