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Simulating Experience

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In the project, we focus on the player’s movement and try to represent the difficulty of the traverse. We use slopes ranging from gentle (walk) to steep (jump), the area which is empty (walk) to the area with obstacles-such as low shrubs (jump), stretching braches (push) and logs (jump and push), to show the easy-to-difficulty level of passing. The main movements of players we create are walking, pushing, and jumping, affected by different types of slopes and obstacles. We also create a single-log bridge at the end to enrich the walkable experience and difficulty. What’s more, we strengthen the experience of difficulty also by the light condition from bright to dark, the space from open to compressed, and the sound from pleasant(bird warble) to horrible(bear roar). The movement of players as well as the senses of seeing, hearing, and touching generate the experience of walking.

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