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1. Asemic writing using newspaper as subject matter/model. Charcoal on paper.
2. Still-life drawing using light, shadow and texture. Charcoal on paper.
3. Still-life drawing focusing on organic texture. Charcoal on paper.
4. Self-portrait drawing focusing on gradient value and proportions. Charcoal on paper.
5. Autobiographical self-portrait using the Library of Congress classification system call letters that spells out students entire name. Charcoal on paper.
6. Self-portrait drawing focusing on lines that create the illusion of value. Charcoal on paper.
7. In class drawing of student peer/model. Charcoal on paper.
8. Two-point perspective drawing of building employing value. Charcoal on paper.
9. Interior continuous line drawing. Ink on paper.
10. Body erudition drawing, student’s use the floor as medium of support and resistance to act out an expression of falling into an immersive sensorial experience by simultaneously drawing an outline of body/movement. Water soluble crayons and ink on paper.
11. Recycling/repurposing failed paintings into collaged observational landscapes. Oil and staples on canvas.
12. In class painting of student peer/model. Oil on board.
13. Abstraction and commercialized phobias (snake/Gucci + Scopophobia/Tupac’s All Eyez on Me). Oil on canvas.
14. In class observational landscape painting using only sticks and palette knife focusing on texture. Oil on canvas.
15. Class collaborative painting, questioning appropriation/cultural appropriation, image distribution, and authorship. Employing Richard Prince’s Graduation from the Canal Zone Series as our model/subject. Acrylic on ten canvases.
16. Observational painting using an inanimate piece of furniture as a stand in for a loved one. Oil on canvas.
17. Self-portrait with a physical trait as background/wallpaper. Oil on canvas.
18. Charcoal animation drawing.
19. Digital drawing from the permanent collection at the Yale University Art Gallery.
20. Landscape drawing without using hands. Student used the ground as support and image producer while documenting route to class.

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