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Selecting a Vertical - Monetizer

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When setting up a Smartlink on Monetizer, the first option available is the vertical type.

The default vertical setting is ‘vAuto’, which stands for ‘Vertical Automatically’ selected. By selecting vAuto, Monetizer will automatically choose the best verticals from the available options whenever a visitor clicks on your Smartlink.

In most cases, we advise publishers to leave the vertical option set to vAuto and allow Monetizer to take care of the landing pages, verticals and offers your visitors are served. Our algorithm constantly updates to ensure the vAuto method is fully optimized.

If you’d prefer to select the vertical type yourself, it’s important to understand what each of the settings means. Let’s take a look at the available list of verticals and the categories they fall under:

Mobile CPA Offers

Mobile CPA offers target mobile phone traffic on a ‘Cost Per Action’ basis. Whenever one of your mobile visitors performs the required action - whether it’s a cell number signup or a download - you’ll be paid a commission. There are three options within this category - Mainstream, Adult and Aggressive.


The Mainstream vertical will serve landing pages and offers that are suitable for a general audience.


The Adult vertical will serve landing pages and offers that are adult-themed, not suitable for work, and only appropriate for adult traffic specifically.


The Aggressive vertical will serve landing pages and offers with a stronger sales pitch and virus removal content. Whilst the landing pages do not feature adult content, you are still permitted to send adult traffic to the Aggressive vertical.

In-App CPC Offers

In-App CPC offers open inside a mobile device’s web view browser via a relevant app. These tend to be low-quality offers and are not generally recommended for standard publishers.

In-App CPC offers are available for both mainstream and adult verticals.

Desktop CPA Offers

Desktop CPA offers are identical to the mobile equivalent discussed earlier in the video, except they are optimized for larger desktop displays on operating systems like Windows PCs and Apple computers.

As with their mobile equivalent, Desktop CPA offers are available in three vertical formats - Mainstream, Adult and Aggressive.

Direct Offers

Direct offers are account specific, and only available when agreed directly with an advertiser. You can request unique deals and direct offers with advertisers by clicking the ‘Private Offers’ link inside the ‘Marketplace’ tab.

After negotiating a direct offer and receiving approval from the advertiser, you’ll be able to target that specific offer when setting up a Smartlink.

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