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Saurus City TEASER

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Saurus City
A Motion Foundry Film
Starring Dennis Quaid, Emma Roberts, Ron Perlman

Slade Klossus used to have it all. He was a heroic member of the Raptor Knights and held an enviable position in the Queen’s Royal Guard. Then he made an unfortunate choice that left his queen injured and brought shame upon his balding head. To make matters worse, Slade’s sword, the emblem of knighthood, has been broken in two. Now the once-mighty warrior struggles to control his volatile temper as he scratches out a living in a tiny village cobbled together along the spine of a lumbering Stegosaurus. With his efforts centered on getting his amber blade repaired, Slade wants to return to the kingdom of Saurus City—a magnificent metropolis built on the back of a mighty brontosaurus—where he hopes be reinstated as a noble Raptor Knight.
When two young dwarves on a journey to the kingdom need a guide, Slade jumps at the chance to realize his dream. But these dwarves are carrying a secret—a child destined to become the future leader of Saurus City. Now what should have been a simple stroll back to his home will prove to be the aging warrior’s greatest test as he finds himself changing dirty diapers, mastering the back-pat burping technique, and singing lullabies—all while skillfully skirting the fire-breathing giant mechanical minions of an evil wizard who is determined to destroy the royal family and their kingdom.
Set in a fantastic world where tiny dwarves live in villages perched atop dinosaurs, and skillfully animated using the latest visually stunning techniques in stop-motion animation, Saurus City brims with action, heart, and humor. This unique adventure explores the disarming love a child can bring and shows how family can be found in most unlikely of places.

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