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S4S: S for Sisyphus (preview)

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A contemporary update and a creative reworking of Albert Camus’s “The Myth of Sisyphus”, S for Sisyphus is an experimental video game project aiming to explore action, meaning, and human intentionality via a simple animated and playable experience. It consists of two related but standalone versions: S for Sisyphus ¬ (playable version) and S for Sisyphus ∞ (machinima version), each articulates the theme of the work with a slightly different accent and experience.

S for Sisyphus ¬ (playable version)
In the playable version, the player is confronted with a cube, and is left with the choice of a single action in the game world: pushing the cube forward in an endless horizon, or else ending the game by taking the character’s life. The player has the choice to experience from four different perspectives: the Player, the Cube, the Other and the Anonymous God, as the action unfolds.

S for Sisyphus ¬ attempts to re-stage the existential ordeal and its ramifications as implicated in “The Myth of Sisyphus”. The ceaseless rolling of the boulder in the ancient myth, now replaced by repetitive tabbing of a computer key, is equally if not more absurd and monstrous. In parallel, the game also framed and presented itself as a kind of meta-game that questions the meaning of action in video games and game playing. In both scenarios, the video game player, the potential absurd hero of the digital age, will confront with the question of action and its futility, while despairing, searching and making meaning in his or her own way via a playable form that resonates with our contemporary state of being.

S for Sisyphus ∞ (machinima version)
An alternate and extended version, S for Sisyphus ∞ is a live animated film that complements the game version of the project. The major difference between the “game” version and the “film” version is that no human player is involved in the latter. Instead the game is “played” by the computer software automatically in real-time.

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