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A noisy procession of trucks laden with different shaped objects roll past on tracks or slide along the shelf structures, all with a close connection to the vocabulary of images that I use in my prints. The convoy rumbles past in an almost endless stream en route to an unknown destination, recalling a carnival procession or some sort of victory parade. Shutters open and close seeming to offer opportunity and in the same moment take it away. Objects assemble together in a considered fashion only to be destroyed in a calm and controlled manner. The narrative is occasionally interjected with buffering circles that seek to interrupt and delay the action. The final stage of the animation shows the final breakdown where the dust settles and the boundaries gradually close in to restrict further movement. The animation explores my interest in public sculpture, the forgotten and the way objects are displayed outside the gallery space.
Roll Up uses repurposed cardboard shapes, printed papers and stencils, all by-products of the relief printmaking process to produce this stop motion animation.

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