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Video By: André Teoman Studio

André Teoman and Ana Rita Pires present their new project: Re-De. A lamp made from fishing threads.

The prefix "re", from the Latin, is used at the beginning of words, in Portuguese, to mean an action done again, or to describe a gesture that repeats itself. The words "reusing" "rethinking," or "recycling," derive from this idea of a beginning, a new life, a new opportunity. And a new opportunity concerning what to do with so many nets and nylon threads that pile up on the beaches, and get lost in the sea. As we all know, these filaments become microparticles later, killing the animals and destroying the food chain.

The word “rede”, portuguese word for “net”, also represents the environmental conscience of the designer, and the way he commits himself to the rest of the community. Ezio Manzini told us once that "Recyclability is a quality of systems". In other words, he meant that we can only have effective principles of sustainability if actions are developed in the sense of a system of relationships, or a network with the ability to link people and things. Therefore, to prolong the life of these nylon nets, the designers give them new utilities. They become beachcombers and collect these resistant subtances, which, as we all know, take 400 years to degrade. Not to mention the environmental impact caused by its production: causing wast of water and the destruction of the ozone layer.

Thus André Teoman and Ana Rita Pires propose to collect the shaggy threads, giving them a new light. For that reason, they unfold, card, and weave the same threads into a traditional loom, giving them a new body, joining them with other plastics, and transforming them into a mesh, RE_DE, which both can be used in lamps, coverings, and screens.

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