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For the Character Creation project I knew right off the bat that I wanted to make some sort of robot. I began making small robot limbs in Illustrator and from there my idea came to mind. The first thing I started designing on the character was the face and overall color scheme. I love putting complimentary colors such as blue and orange together so I figured they'd look great on the character. Once the face was finished it was time to add the animations to it. By default the Character Animator works out of Photoshop; however, I did all my work in illustrator and manually labeled all of my movements so the file would carry over.  While closely following an online resource I was able to add all of my robots facial features successfully. Instead of using rapid mouth movements I chose to instead have the mouth change color while the robot speaks as if computing.  This turned out to be a successful process.

      Upon finishing the robot face the entire body came shortly after. Once put into Character Animator I was able to rig the joints of my robot to be quite flexible to a certain point. The only struggles I faced was morphing issues in the shoulders of the character, but other than that everything else went smoothly. The sound I ended up finding was your average action movie trailer in which I though was a perfect match for this mysterious robot. Once I had my sound and robot rigged I decided to put it in space to compliment the action voice over. 

     After our critique in class I added a more starry effect with adobe After Effects that would make the stars glisten in the background. I also added the zoom effect you see to build the tension even more. In all I had tons of fun using this amazing program. 

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