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PS Paid Studio Visits: Alexmalism AKA Alex Yiu 姚少龍

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Hosted by Rafi Abdullah and Joseph Chen King Yuen, participants in the Workshops for Emerging Arts Professionals 2020

Drawing inspiration from minimalism, industrialism, sound art, trance, pop, and classical music, the Hong Kong-based music producer, sound artist, and DJ Alexmalism explores the boundary between styles and genres. He has performed and deejayed in numerous venues and platforms such as XXX, OIL Club, ALL Club, Sónar Hong Kong 2019, Times Museum, Tai Kwun Contemporary, and NTS Radio.

His first track ‘Sombre’ was released in the compilation Mental Maps by the pan-Asia label Chinabot, and his debut album TKO was released on Absurd Trax. Named after Hong Kong’s Tseung Kwan O Bay (known as Junk Bay), TKO is a collection of jagged club tracks built on a conceptual framework inspired by David Harvey’s geographies of global capitalism. Alex’s approach is minimalist but ends in maximal results. Throughout the record, he moves through trance, house, and techno, employing pointillistic synth patterns and industrial rhythms. Some tracks are lively and effervescent while others feel murky and grinding, lending to the dualistic nature of ‘TKO’ itself. You get the sense that beneath Alex’s disaffection towards his hometown lies a sliver of reverence.

He is currently a PhD candidate in the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. His research interests include the current deconstructed club music scene on social media, the Hong Kong Underground music scene, and many other music/sound-related topics. As a sound artist, he has exhibited at Para Site, A+ Contemporary, Burning Man by UNPOP, and many other venues. Alex releases his music under the alias Alexmalism and it’s available on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

Rafi Abdullah is currently an assistant curator at Hatch Art Project, and outside of that, works on independent curatorial projects and research in a personal capacity. He recently graduated from the BA(Hons) Arts Management programme at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. Prior to that, he had worked in various art and cultural institutions, museums, and galleries. His interests lie broadly in contemporary art vis-a-vis the politics of aesthetics, with a current focus on thinking through cultural institutions as ‘dis-imagination machines’. He most recently curated Poor Imagination (2019) at Sullivan+Strumpf, and continues to live and work in Singapore.

Joseph Chen King Yuen is an artist and curator based in Hong Kong, and currently the Senior Project Coordinator of Videotage. During his incumbency at Videotage he curated .gif Festival: Left Right Right Left Movement, a moving images project experimenting generative interactions as the curatorial framework, and other curatorial projects collaborated with Eaton HK, Hong Kong Design Institute and Goethe-Institut Hongkong. His artworks have been shown in Manchester, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo and beyond. He is a member of a Hong Kong video art project, Video Cypher. He recently received the Media Arts Emerging Artist Scheme of Project Grant from Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

Headline Sponsor: S. H. Ho Foundation

由2020年新銳藝術人才工作坊參與者Rafi Abdullah與陳敬元主持

無論你稱呼他為「作曲家、DJ、聲音藝術家、音樂製作人」,Alexmalism 並不害怕通過突破藝術種類之間的界限來擴展自己的藝術表現形式。從極簡主義、工業、聲音藝術、Trance、流行甚至古典音樂中汲取靈感,Alexmalism 創造出一個屬於自己的折衷主義音樂世界。自2015年以來,Alex 已經在 XXX、All、Oil、Sónar Hong Kong 2019、CTM Festival 2020、NTS Radio、HKCR、SHCR 等重要的地下音樂藝術場域,以及廣東時代美術館和大館當代美術館作演出。

他的處女作《Sombre》由泛亞音樂廠牌Chinabot選中,在合輯《Mental Maps》發行。2018年末,他的首張個人專輯《TKO》由Absurd Trax發行。專輯名想法來自David Harvey關於全球資本主義不公平的地理學著作,取義香港城市急速發展造成的垃圾堆填重地將軍澳(Tseung Kwan O, 也稱Junk Bay)。Alex從極簡音樂入手,收穫成果卻頗為豐富。整張專輯里有trance,house,techno,在工業節奏之上又添加了不循規矩的合成器音效。有些曲目是興奮的,活躍的,有些則是陰暗的,折磨的,就像將軍澳的雙重性。

作為聲音藝術家的 Alex Yiu,也曾經在各大小藝術機構如 Para Site、A+ Contemporary 等作展出。

Rafi Abdullah現於Hatch Art Project任職助理策展人,除此之外亦從事一系列獨立策展項目及個人研究。他近期於新加坡LASALLE藝術學院獲藝術管理榮譽學士學位,亦於此前任職於多個藝文機構、博物館及畫廊。他主要對當代藝術的審美政治感興趣,並於現時集中於思考文化機構如何作為「去想像機器」。他最近策劃的展覽為2019年Sullivan+Strumpf的「Poor Imagination」。他現生活並工作於新加坡。

陳敬元是一位香港的藝術家和策展人,現為錄映太奇的高級項目統籌。在錄映太奇任職期間,他策劃了一個以實驗衍生互動為策展框架的流動影像項目.gif節:左右右左移動,以及其他與Eaton HK、香港設計學院、香港歌德學院合作的策展項目。他的作品曾在曼徹斯特、上海、吉隆坡、東京等地展出。他是香港錄像藝術項目Video Cypher的成員。最近,他獲香港藝術發展局頒發的媒體藝術計劃資助的新苗資助。


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