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Prone Hip Internal Rotation Manual Stretch. HMob

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What is the purpose of this exercise?

To improve our ability to internally rotate the hip – or turn the hip in toward the body

Why would you utilize it?

We expect to have around 45 degrees of hip internal rotation – however this will vary considerably depending on our individual hip anatomy. Some people (like people who are naturally pigeon toed) will likely have even more, while other individuals (like those who naturally have duck feet) will have less & will likely be physically unable to get a full 45 degrees.

From a performance perspective: Hip internal rotation is hugely important for just about every rotational athlete – this includes golfers, tennis, baseball, volleyball players, etc. This is because any rotational movement demands hip internal rotation at one hip and hip external rotation at the other. If we are looking to maximize hip drive (and as a result force generation/absorption) through a full range of motion then we need to have that motion available to utilize.

From a pain standpoint: If we have lower back pain aggravated by rotational/twisting movements and a coinciding limitation in hip rotation then it will -may- be of benefit to improve hip rotational mobility as that will facilitate offloading of some of the rotational force from the spine to the hips.

Additionally, with those rotational athletes limitations in hip rotation often drive pain or limitations at the back or shoulder. This is because in order to fully “cock” the shoulder during those movements a larger amount of motion and force now has to come from the shoulders rather than being shared with the hips, spine and shoulder.

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