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Police Scotland Acting as Private Security Enforcement for

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When Scottish Salmon Watch filmed at a salmon farm operated by Scottish Sea Farms in the Sound of Shuna in Loch Linnhe in July 2019 they were paid a visit by Police Scotland.

The sergeant from Appin police station claimed that Scottish Salmon Watch needed permission from the Norwegian-owned salmon farming company to be in the water near a salmon farm. Police Scotland told Scottish Salmon Watch to leave even though the area they were filming in was public and navigable waters. Scottish Salmon Watch believe that they had every right to navigate and film in a public area - and that Scottish Sea Farms does not have exclusive jurisdiction of the area.

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The sergeant, when pressed on what laws or regulations were being broken, claimed that Police Scotland had received a call suggesting a theft was taking place. Yet when Police Scotland first approached Scottish Salmon Watch they did not ask to search the boat or even question whether a theft was taking place. It appeared that Police Scotland's motive was primarily to force Scottish Salmon Watch from the public waterway, intimidate and stipulate that permission was needed from a Norwegian-owned private company to enjoy a public waterway in Scotland.

This is very fishy indeed.

Scottish Salmon Watch believes that Scottish Sea Farms is guilty of breaching the Animal Health & Welfare Act (Scotland) 2006 in relation to "Unnecessary Suffering" (Section 19) "Cruel Operations" (Section 21) and "Ensuring the Welfare of Animals" (Section 24).

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Now it seems Police Scotland is acting as a private security firm for Scottish Sea Farms telling the public to stay away from their polluting, disease-ridden operations. Instead of intimidating and harassing members of the public, why doesn't Police Scotland investigate salmon farms for breaches of the law?

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