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Plateau is a series of films produced and directed by Victor Bastidas, through which he aims to explore how art, works as a meditation which deals with frustration and anger, brings peace to the one who practices it, in any form dancing, painting, designing, poetry, music.

I started following Kevin sometime back after we met through his friend the painter Enfant Précose in Paris back in 2018. As I did, I learned about Kevins Voguin style and dancing inclination, I was intrigued and wanted to learn more about it, see how far he takes it, soon I noticed he is a strong dancer and to add to that, his personality attracted me. Kevin is an empathetic and kind person, something I thought contrasted the energy of the city today. Soon we started exploring his style, and I was surprised to see how Kevin knows his body so well and how meticulous and precise each and every move is. I had found a source of inspiration that brought everything forward, especially me. We did a few location scoutings and rehearsed there, and the more we did it the more impressive Kevin became, it was evident to me this video has to be made. At the time Kevin kindly invited me to a dance battle where I saw him in action in front of a big crowd, the energy I felt by just being there was what I had been looking for. Now that we've started, I really can't wait to see how far we can go; there are another three talented young guys, a poet, a painter, a musician, and a designer that all like Kevin are positive influences that inspire my work and they too will come with us to the Plateau.

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