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Plastic, Marble, and Helicopters (2020, trailer)

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2018 - 2020
2 channel video-installation

Anna Moreno’s Plastic, Marble, and Helicopters renders 1970s utopian architecture into a speculative myth, flung at us from an atemporal, near future. It is the culmination of a year-long research into Global Tools, a pioneering pedagogical project initiated in 1972 by various architecture studios from the Italian radical design movement led by Ettore Sottsass. Global Tools proclaimed the “re-founding of manual labor,” and the use of “poor technique” and “simple technology” while invoking the body as the ultimate form of architecture, a site with hidden political and creative potential. Sottsass was then the artistic director of Poltronova, a high-end furniture firm, and research center that still produces some of Global Tools’s members’ iconic designs. The irony of the pro-Marxist group’s coziness with the luxury furniture market does not escape Moreno’s eye. 

With support from Poltronova, Moreno produced a four-piece modular sofa, which she used as a performative prop at the Space Electronic club during its 50th-anniversary event. The Florentine discotheque was the underground hub where Global Tools enacted some of its seminal experiments. Rather than reenacting these experiments, Moreno’s performances thoughtfully re-propose them.  

Project made with the support of
Fundación Botín (Santander, Spain)
Centro Studi Poltronova (Florence, Italy)
Stichting Stokroos (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

Performance CORPO 4
Filmed at Space Electronic Club (Florence, Italy) and Le Argille (Strada in Chianti, Italy) during the 9999 Revival, an event commemorating the 50th anniversary of the club, on the 20th of June 2019.

Producer: Elettra Fiumi (Fiumi Studios)
Production Coordinator: Martina Rojas
Concept: Anna Moreno
Choreographer: Matias Daporta
Dancers: Matias Daporta, Giuseppe Vincent Giampino, Andrea Dionisi, Pablo Durango
Director of photography: Marco de Giorgi
Second camera operator: Tony Lemma
On-set assistant: Giulia Ticci
Set designer: Liberty Allen
On-set photography: Clara Vannucci

Video & Sound Edit: Anna Moreno
Color grading: Kent Chan
Voice & thoughts: Erica Petrillo

Sofa and lamps design: Anna Moreno
Sofa production: Poltronova (Florence, Italy)
Exhibition design: Andrés Novo

Special thanks: Elettra Fiumi & the Fiumi family, Emanuele Piccardo, Roberta Meloni, Elisabetta Trincherini, Giulia Ricci, Gilberto Corretti, Gianni Pettena, Ugo La Pietra, Lapo Binazzi, Giorgio Birelli, Bernardo Zanotta, Huibhaye van der Werf, Videopower, Jonas van de Vosse, Ron Bernstein, Romy Finke, Steven ten Thije, Stroom den Haag

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