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How much do we rely on our role within the performance setting and creative process of spectator and performer? How much do we assume, expect, act out the role we believe we embody? Are these roles that different?
In order to find out, a team of performer/makers took on the role of the audience, becoming witnessing eyes, ears and senses. They played with modes of witnessing and how the performer being witnessed gets affected by it, sometimes supporting, freeing or limiting.
They experienced and discussed what it is to be witnessed, what it involves, whether it is possible to have no witness, not even ourselves. They worked in solos and in groups on various ways of witnessing, through touching, observing, being present, and framing, but also giving feedback on what is happening. Instead of involving the audience, they used each other to be their own audience and witness.
Inspired by authentic movement developed by Mary Stark Whitehouse and Janet Adler, and by the book Between us: audiences, affect and the in-between by Whalley, J. & Miller L., Phe-NoumeNow is a research piece that dialogues with witnessing and affect, with presence and temporality.

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