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Phamtastic Lazarus Reel

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Welcome to my showreel of Lazarus!

This was a character I almost had complete ownership of. I handled the majority of her animations and her integration.

She was a challenge as I wanted her to be fairly unique. Most notably, she doesn't fire with a gun and she hovers while in combat.

Probably the biggest challenge was to make sure her unique aspects remained compatible with every other Agent as all playable characters shared the same statemachine.

One of my proudest moments while working on Lazarus was figuring out how to have her alternate which arm to fire from and allowing to alt fire during a recovery. So, let's say that you fired with the right arm; you can shoot again with the left arm before the right arm finishes its firing recovery and both arms will continue their animations.

Let's talk briefly about the IK Modifiers. Its been a couple years since working with that tool. So I can't recall all its possibilities, but I can speak about how it was useful for creating Lazarus. IK Modifiers are a powerful tool for adjusting bone translation and rotation. Basically, it allows for animation in-engine. One of my primary uses of the tool was its flexibility of adjusting rotations using an additive system or the character's world orient. This allowed me to place limiters on rotation and adjustments to prevent the character from over-rotating or creating bad shapes.

Hopefully I was able to explain all that well enough!

Shoutout to Mike Jungbluth, Clay Mathews, Isaac Vanier, and Rob Rypka for feeding my curiosity as I questioned them endlessly as I learned the tech!

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