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Ollie Yao Spring 2020 Generalist Reel

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1. Howl's Moving Castle Recreation Project:
A 3 week group project done with Kaitlin Yu, Heather Yun, Justin Leong, and myself. The objective of the project was to model from concept art. Kaitlin and I worked on the exterior castle scene shown here, while Heather and Justin worked on interior living room and bathroom scenes not shown. Kaitlin and I split the model in half to work on. She modeled and textured the top half while I worked on the bottom half. To keep textures consistent between the halves, I created a pool of assorted rust and wood textures in Substance Painter that we both used for each half.

2. Fruity Ferris Wheel:
This was a 1 week project where we modeled and animated a themed ferris wheel of our choice, and I chose to go with a cake theme. All aspects created by me.

3. "Hamsa" Thesis Animation:
Characters created and rigged by Daniela Dwek, animation advised by Maya Mendonça and MontaQue Ruffin.

4. "Wanduhr" Short Film:
Wanduhr is a short film created by Winnie Mai, Kaitlin Yu, and I. It tells the story of a conductor who drives the train on a cuckoo clock, and his determination to restart the clock during a storm.
My responsibilities included storyboarding, designing/modeling/texturing the characters, animating the characters and train, and editing the final product together.
My partners Kaitlin and Winnie created the set, the train, and rigged the train and characters.

5. Orchid Model:
1 week long project where we modeled and textured an orchid, trying to be as organic as possible. All aspects created by me.

6. Substance Painter to Arnold Texture Hookup Script:
Script and UI coded in Python for Maya that will automatically find and hook up textures exported from Substance Painter, implementing the correct color spaces and node inputs as per the Substance guide.

7. Parkour Animation
1 week animation from reference of some vaults flips and jumps. Animation by me, rig is Ellie from the BodyMech rig animation pack.

Special thanks to Brendan Gallagher, Jimmy Calhoun, the Computer Art dept upperclassmen and lab assistants, and my friends and family for their constant support.

Music is "I Lost All My Eggs" by Shawn Wasabi

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