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Nasoor - Trailer

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A person named Gheys -bin- Malek was in search of an insane nomad for returning him to his home. The insane was named Obeydollah -bin- Hor. Gheys who was suffering from resistance and escaping from Obeidollah, finally wrap his hands and feet with rope and demand him to describe the reason of wandering. Obeydollah talked about the death of Moavieh in Damascus which paved the way for beginning a series of events finally leading to a tragedy of Day of Ashura. On the same night, an ugly faced person decided to rub Gheys, but he was arrested by Gheys. Obeydollah because of feeling guilty and distress of doing sin, when Gheys start reprimanding him, he challenged the thieve that if he was he did some
action and the continue of events of Day of Ashura is narrated by the thieve (named Akhnas) who was a member in Kufe corps. On the sunrise, Gheys by hearing the catastrophes of Day of Ashura and the dilemma of these 2 people was seriously upset and made some decisions…

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