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My Top 10 Primal Core Movements

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Keep your core strong & functional with these "primal" movements. All of these movements demand more total body integration & motor control. This means a greater challenge, but also a lot more fun and potential to translate your training to better overall movement ability.

Try these movements out for reps or time. Make a short circuit of your favorites or try the sample workout below.

*Perform 3 rounds of each circuit before moving to the next.
*Interval format: 35 seconds ON / 5 seconds REST & TRANSITION between movement.
*Rest 1-2 minutes between circuits.

A1. Crawl Balance March
A2. Crawl Kick Thrus + Leg Sweep
A3. Prone Extension

B1. Supine Cross Crawl (or Diagonal V Ups)
B2. Supine Hip Presses (or Rotational Rocking)
B3. Bridge Hold

C1. Plank Leg Swings (35s each side)
C2. Half Kneeling Side Bends (35s each side)

Focus on quality of movement and building the "mind-body" connection. Explore the movements and add any variation that fits for your body or sport / goals. Have fun!

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