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Mubadala - secure screening

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Business likes safety. Combination of efficient procedures and technology makes for a great warranty that one you enter a business center or other place where you make business, you feel safe and comfortable. The thing is, that many consider them intrusive.

Our job was to create an animation presenting screening procedure in two business centres belonging to one big holding. The message needed to be clear - ‘We don’t want to breach your privacy. We care about you and we want you to be safe’.

The script and theme aren't very exciting, thus the client wanted the style to be “friendly-looking” but mature at the same time. With our talented artists and a thoughtful mix of digital, cel and 3D animation we’ve managed to achieve all the paramount goals.

Client: Mubadala
Agency: Tent Pictures Productions
Script: Jarosław Nowak
Production house: BluBlu Studios
Creative direction: Monika Kurek
Art direction: Jagoda Klaczyńska
Animation & Illustration: Jagoda Klaczyńska, Magdalena Koźlicka, Miłosz Kokociński, Jagoda Kaleta, Michał Machowina, Karolina Specht

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