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Mouse Flute - Animation Anlysis

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Analysis of one of my animations. The 1st part shows things i was thinking about while animating this scene.
The flow to me is like motion vectors which guide your drawing lines and animation arcs. Like in FX animation it shows internal and external forces including character emotions.
The 2nd part shows how i see the rhythm and overall feeling in my mind: smallest and biggest accents, different textures, timing and also a stress and an evolution of the composition.
Here I have 4 music bars and every end of a bar consists 3 prominent accents: tada-tada-TADA! I tried to gradually increase the overall stress in every bar making motion more and more expressive, using wider ranges, faster timing, combining stress and relaxation to add contrast in motion texture (fast-slow, wide-narrow).
Basically there are 3 biggest accents:
1) in the air
2) wink at the camera
3) and the end of the music
I often start from drawing some rhythm notes in tvp's notes panel or just keep it in mind. No matter it has music or voice or only action. It's like a picture of your animation, with darkest and brightest tones, dominants and accents. And yeah we usually see pretty similar thing in graph editors)

Well, hopefully it will help someone :)

Music in analysis: Broke for Free - Something Elated
Music in animation made by me (Ipad Music Studio, Ableton Live)

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