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8. Mufflers and Silencers
The Silencer for guns has been around for a very long time, and it might actually surprise you to learn that the man who first made the Silencer for guns actually made the first mufflers for cars. In fact, he also made the first gasoline powered car in the world. His name was Hiram Percy Maxim, and he was every bit as genius as the inventions that he made.

7. The Sound Of Silencers
Because of the name, Silencers have a lot of myths surrounding them. One of the biggest ones is that a Silencer truly "silences" a gun. When in fact, it doesn't. So what does it do then? It suppresses the noise, muffles it, makes it less impactful. What does that mean? Well, think of it like this. When a gun fires, there's a literal explosion that comes out of the barrel and shoots forward.

6. Silencers Are Made For All Types Of Guns
In most movies everyone has a handgun, especially if it's an action movie with hitmen!! It could be a big one, a small one, but it's a handgun. But contrary to popular belief, they can be used for most basic guns. What I mean is models like handguns, shotguns, machine guns, rifles, sniper rifles, and more.

5. Congress Debated Lifting Restrictions On Silencers
Silencers are an incredibly useful tool for a gun if used properly. But, not unlike guns themselves, they can be abused. At present, there are restrictions on who can get a silencer, and how you go about getting one. However, in 2017, Congress tried to pass a bill that would allow all restrictions on Silencers to be lifted, thus allowing just about anyone to get their hands on one if they wanted.

4. Criminals Don't Use Silencers That Much
If you were to believe only television shows and movies, then you would likely think that Silencers are on the ends of every single gun in the United States, if not the world!! But the fact of the matter is, that's actually not true. It is true that there have been crimes committed with Silencers, including some rather high-profile crimes. However, on average, the typical criminal usually won't waste time with a Silencer for numerous reasons.

3. 42 States Have Approved Silencers
Given their ability, and their usefulness for various acts, it's logical that there are restrictions and rules to owning a Silencer. However, you might be surprised to know that in the United States, over four fifths of the country allows people to own Silencers without issue. They still have to follow the restrictions, but owning them isn't an issue for most.

2. How To Get A Silencer
One of the reasons why Silencers aren't as popular as many people think is because of the process that it takes to get one. Outside of just the money costs, which at times are a minimum of $500-$600 depending on the one you're getting, there's a long process to get one.

1. Business Is Booming...For Now
Despite all the restrictions and costs of Silencers, the desire for them is actually growing. According to SilencerCO, from 2014 on, their business has profited, with a 600% increase in sales. In 2016 alone they sold over 100,000 Silencers. However, given the political climate in the US, iit will be interesting to see how things progress.

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