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Director: Arisa Wakami Song: YUSHIO to
This is the music video of a song that was inspired by the relationship between a mother and her daughter, a theme that has become increasingly relevant as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to keep people at home. The song by YUSHIO portrays the daughter's abiding love for her mother as well as her mother's noble love which the daughter only discovers after becoming a mother herself. The audience will be drawn into this incredible world featuring the story of mothers and stop-motion animation of sand art.


Songwriting by YUSHIO
English Lyrics by Hiroko Nagata Bell

Mommy, mommy
I love you so
Mommy, mommy
Thanks for your love
You are my very first best friend

Mommy, tell me
What were you like
Before you became
the mommy that I know
I think you were a beautiful little girl

Mommy, mommy
To tell the truth
Your smile is all I need to make me smile
You fill my heart with so much happiness

There are many things I don't know yet
And I have a lot to learn
But everything is gonna be
okay with your love
You make me stronger everyday

Mommy, I hope one day
Can I be a mommy, just like you
You are my very first hero to me
Mommy, mommy
Thanks for your love
Mommy, mommy
You’re the best mommy

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