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Mental Health Awareness Day Animation

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This animation was created as part of a class chain animation we made together for World Mental Health Awareness Day. Despite initial plans, I ultimately decided to shoot this animation on 2′s, as the movements of the characters was generally subtle and slow, although given how much Chase extends his left arm he could have potentially benefited from being shot on 1′s. Ultimately, I don’t think his movements were dynamic or fast enough to require being shot on 1′s. I added a full second hold at the start and two half second holds in the middle and end of the animation, as not only did this further save time but also allowed for breathing room, and allowed for viewers to fully process visual information in such a short animation. I made the mistake of using fine-liners to colour instead of the more broad felt-tips which could have saved time. However I do like that given the gaps left by the fine-liner, there’s a scribbly-quality to the animation in which between frames the colours on the characters shift and distort, although the fact the line walk also sort of his this unsmooth quality to them speaks to my lack of experience with this form of animation.. I captured the frames using a rostrum camera rig, but this led to some of the lower layers being washed out. If I had more time, I could have scanned each layer/frame onto a computer and stitch them back together in Photoshop and Premiere, however given that each frame has to be cleaned of white space in order to make the lower layers visible, this would take too long. In future I could, as suggested in the past, try drawing my layers on acme paper, then tracing or “inking” them onto acetate and then colouring them there, with the background being drawn on regular paper. The version I submitted for use in the full animation, which will be shown in my university building's atrium and on social media, was rendered in 1080p, with some of the top and bottom details on screen being cropped off.

A version of it was posted to YouTube, with a 1080p version of this animation being featured:

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