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在这次的final project中,我希望能通过一种比较阴暗的基调来叙述一个悲伤的故事或者说是一种现象,所以在整体的色调上选择了黑白灰的颜色。相较于场景,我更希望观众能有一定代入性的去体会这个故事,于是侧重点可能更多的在人物的动作背后的情感表达,在演绎的过程中也加入了一些第一视角,加上声音的辅佐,可能会让人在某一瞬间能代入主人公的情感困境,从而进一步思考背后的含义。还有就是在这个作品中所尝试的光影与本体之间在图像呈现上的融合,通过调整光源、物体和镜头,尝试去实现类似2.5D的效果,烘托一下作品整体沉重的氛围。

In this final project, I hope to narrate a sad story or a phenomenon through a dark tone, so I choose the color of black, white and grey in the overall tone. Compared to the scene, I more hope that the audience can have certain substitution to feel this story, so may be more emphasis on characters of the emotions behind the action, in the process of interpretation has joined some first perspective, combined with a sound, may let a person in a certain moment can plug in the hero's emotional difficulties, thus further thinking about the meaning behind. In addition, the fusion of light and shadow and the object in the image presentation is attempted in this work. By adjusting the light source, objects and lens, the effect similar to 2.5D is attempted to highlight the overall heavy atmosphere of the work.

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