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Madras Cafe/ AVI Cookbook #2 - Crowdfunding Video

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Madras Cafe Cookbook has sold out! There are no more copies to be had. Printed in 2014 it sold 1500 copies in four years and the last book went at Christmas 2018.

Madras Cafe Cookbook #2 will be equally wonderful in raising funds and awareness. Most copies sell themselves at Madras Cafe, our annual pop up restaurant at Womad festival. Others are bought via Action Village India’s website and through supporters of Action Village India and volunteers Madras Cafe.

Why do we need printing costs?

One brave person, Madras Cafe cook Ayesha, personally took on the risk of printing the original Madras Cafe Cookbook. With a few friends she gathered and wrote the recipes, organised testers and photographs. Ayesha edited the book and found a volunteer designer. Her trust in the recipes and Action Village India’s partners paid off and the book has raised over £6000 for home grown development projects in rural India.

This time round we want all the sales money to go to supporting our amazing partners in rural India. We have volunteers and Action Village India’s in-house support for every aspect of producing the book, other than printing costs.

Your input towards printing 1500 copies of the new book will zero-down our outgoings! If we raise more than our target the extra money will go towards additional distributing of the book for sale and to our projects in rural India.

What is Madras Cafe?

Madras Cafe, or Madcaf, as it is fondly known, has been appearing at world music festival WOMAD since 1992. What started as a chai stall has now become something of a festival institution serving delicious Indian food to over 3,500 people during the three days.

Staffed entirely by willing volunteers, all the profits from Madras Cafe go back to Action Village India to support rural initiatives and help to combat poverty and social injustice across India.

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