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Lykos Teaser Video

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Client: Trafigura
Director: Smog
Animation: Smog
Executive Producer: Eric Hu

Trafigura was looking to for a way to clearly communicate how disruptive their online commodity trading platform Lykos was going to be for their customers in China…in a good way. One of the largest trading firms in the world, Trafigura stood in the middle of a complex system of commodity producers and buyers, where prices fluctuate by the second.

Lykos is the platform meant to bring this sophisticated market into the palm of their buyers’ hands, streamlining a mostly cumbersome process of enacting trades and tracking market data. They wanted to tease the China launch of the website and app with a more consumer oriented video, rather than go with a more traditional “corporate” approach.

Enter Republic and Smog. We came up with a creative and succinct way to tell this story by contrasting the ways technology in China have simplified so many aspects of our lives with the old-fashioned processes that commodity traders still need to follow.

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