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Lukasz Pason Reel 2018

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A collection of works that I got to do while I was working at KIXEYE. Enjoy!

After Effects
Unity 3D
Cinema 4D
3DS Max
Octane, Redshift, Cycles, VRay

Shot List:
War Zones Launch - Game capture & AE Map Zoom with game asset
WCRA Sniper - Design (not character), AE Animation
WCRA Abrams - AE Animation, Game Capture, Script, Compositing
Abrams M1A1 3D - Animation, landscape texture and model, Lighting, compositing
VEGA Conflict Title Animation - Motion Design
VEGA Conflict Demon Corps Ship - FUI Design, Animation
VC Unleash the Furty - texture and animation, compositing, title animation
VC Scorched Earth - FUI Design and animation, Ship animation, sun and scene creation
VC Incursion - Animation and design
The Krugas - AE Animation, C4D smoke with TFD, Title Animation. No painting
Ghost Crawler - Design and animation. No modeling or texture.
A10 Thunderbolt - Shader conversion, animation and motion design + layout.
VC Warfront - Ship Shaders and aniamtion, FUI Design and animation
Python Cutter - Ship shader and fx animation
Apache - Heli Animation, Compositing, VFX
M4A1 - Textures and Shaders, Animation, Bullet model, VFX
F22 - Plane animation and shaders, VFX
Phizuu - Animation and Design
Torchlight - TFD Animation, Title Animation, FX
Remnant - VFX, Animation, Fire Sim

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