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LinkedIn Tips: Using the InMail Feature Best Practices

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Hello, and welcome to another LinkedIn Tip!

As we continue navigating this new era of doing business, we want to highlight the importance of reaching out to clients and leads at the right time and using appropriate channels.

That's why today we are going to learn about LinkedIn InMail and its Best Practices. InMail is a powerful messaging tool that helps you get to the top of your prospective leads' LinkedIn inboxes, without being connected to them on LinkedIn. For leads you are already connected to; you can use Sales Navigator messaging to reach out and continue building relationships with those individuals.

Screen Recording Begins:

Let's begin! At your, Sales Navigator Homepage, go to the Search Bar type in the name of a Lead. You can also select one from the Recommended Leads.

Within that Lead Homepage, you'll see at the top right a Message button, go ahead and click.

Now, A pop-up will appear in the bottom right corner.

A Subject Line is required. In the body, add your message, try to craft a compelling InMail, and increase your response rate. Listen to these best practices:

Choose wisely
Do your research and engage with insights. You only get a limited quantity of InMail each month, so optimize the quality of your message.

Personalize it
Research their profile, and look for common interests, connections, or work experiences - use these insights to make it about them.

Write a compelling subject line
Grab their attention immediately by including a business topic and/or a personal touch in the subject line.

Start a conversation
Use InMail to start a conversation and build rapport. Conduct a discovery and explain your solution afterward in a meeting or via phone

Be brief
More than half of InMails are read on mobile. Keep your personalized message brief - 150 words or less - to increase your likelihood for response
Make a call to action
Use InMail to start the conversation, not seal the deal. Use InMail to open the door - "Are you free for a 15-minute call on Thursday at 10 AM?"

Have a strong profile
After viewing your InMail, prospects will jump to your profile. Position yourself and your company in the best light to build credibility and trust

Leverage relationships
Prospects who share meaningful things in common with you, such as shared experiences or interests, are more likely to respond.

Once the message is ready, you can add Attachments and even a Smart Link to increase your visibility. If you wish to copy the message to VISION, you can just check this box, and that's it.

When you're done, click on Send.

Simple right? We hope you have enjoyed this tip and make the most out of it.

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