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Lexus RX - Attention - edited by Victor Jory

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Mill+ Director Andrew Proctor joined forces again with Team One. Tasked with creating a film that separates the Lexus RX from the competition, the Mill+ team generated CG billboards around the practically shot city of Chicago to bring the newest vehicle in the Lexus’ line up into the spotlight.

Agency: Team One
Account Executive: Hannah Deverich
Creative Director/Art Director: Philipp Dietz
Senior Producer: Amy Gershwin
Chief Creative Officer: Chris Graves
Creative Director/Copywriter: Jon King
Account Supervisor: Kellen Laker
Project Manager: Claire Lynch
President: Julie Michael
Business Affairs Manager: Jessica Solorzano
Group Creative Director: Jason Stinsmuehlen
Executive Producer: Sam Walsh
Product Insights Manager: Jeremy Wenninger
Associate Producer: Emily Wold

Production: Mill+
Director: Andrew Proctor
Executive Producer: Pete King
Senior Producer: Brittany Gauran
Line Producer: Gabriel Blanco
Production Coordinator: Matthew Fulton
Director of Photography: Pete Konczal
Senior Producer: Jay Kelman
Shoot Supervisors: Jay Bandlish and Andrew Pellicer
Editorial: The Mill
Editor: Victor Jory
Edit Assist: Ryan Burbank, Joshua Sneider
VFX Production
VFX Production: The Mill
Asset and Tracking Producer: R Anuraj
Asset Coordinator: Noan Vinod
VFX Creative
VFX Creative: The Mill
2D Lead Artist: Martin Karlsson
3D Lead Artist: Monique Espinoza
Tracking Lead: Murali Krishna Reddy
Tracking Supervisor: Balasundaram Senthil Murugan
Asset Supervisor: Anish Mohan
2D Artists: Dylan Streiff, Roxy Zuckerman, Stephen Paragone, Abby Riegel, Nitin Babu, Prajeesh E, Rahul Bhardwaj, Subodh Kumar
3D Artists: Ravikumar Singapur, Ramki T, Sudhir Verma, Venugopal A, Abhishek Kumar, Gokul Navaneethan, Jadheer T P, Leela Shanker, Upasana Choudhary
Animation: Dave Rogers, Patrick Kipper, Duk Chung
Design: Dave Rogers, Eunhae Yoo
Art Department: Bradley Rhone, Kevin Diaz

Colour: The Mill
Colourist: Gregory Reese
Executive Producer, Colour: Linda Jackson
Colour Producer: Diane Valera
Production Coordinator, Colour: Jessica Amburguey
Colour Assist: Gemma Parr, Zack Wilpon, Logan Highlen
Music and Sound
Music and Sound Design by: Human
Senior Producer: Kamela Anderson
Creative Lead and Sound Designer: Gareth Williams
Composer: Ed Dunne
Track Title: Night Shades
Voice Over
Recording Studio: Juice Studios
Voiceover: Minnie Driver
Sound Mixer: Bob Gremore

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