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Leap is a short animation about a journey of a little boy overcoming an relatable fear through the power of his imagination.


On a bright sunny day, Johnny and his mom decide to visit the community pool.
A diving board catches Johnny’s attention and he curiously approaches it.
As Johnny climbs up the ladder, he is suddenly struck with fear.
He looks down from the diving board to realize that he is actually much higher that he had anticipated.
Surpassing his surroundings and even exceeding past the airplanes and clouds, eventually through the Earth’s atmosphere.
Paralyzed with fear he grips onto the diving board, hugging it for dear life.
Until, he is blinded by a bright glow.
He peers up from the diving board to see that the bright glow was coming from a meteorite heading down for his mother.
Determined to save his mother, Johnny musters up the strength to overcome his fear and leaps.
Johnny charges toward the meteorite, ready to defeat it.
As he finally hits the meteor, Johnny is brought back to reality, finding himself plunging into the pool hitting a beach ball.
He celebrates his accomplishment to a great end of the last day of summer.


Directed by: Chris H. Yoon
Animated by: Chris H. Yoon | Nicholas Lai | Siwan Seok
Designed by: Siwan Seok | Rachel Suh | Chris H. Yoon | Nicholas Lai | HJ Kim
Music & Sound by: Rafael Rico
Sound Mixing by: Zack Farias
Guided by: Miguel Lee
Special thanks to: Michael Lo

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