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A year has passed. We are again on the verge of another lockdown. As the last train of my town leaves with the last few railway staff onboard, my mind keeps asking, when will it come back...

This film is part of a Dogme 95 film series.

"Dogme 95 is a Danish film movement that was popularized by Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg. The purpose of Dogme 95 is to bring filmmaking back to its simplest roots; to avoid the trappings of mainstream filmmaking like excessive special effects and sensationalist plots. This is achieved by adhering to a strict set of rules referred to as the Vow of Chastity." (Source: Studiobinder)

Why is this film movement still relevant? How much can I stick to the rules? If I break any of the rules, If I change the color in one film or add a non diegetic sound, can I still be a part of the movement? Can I still call it Dogme 95 film? What is Dogme 95? Is it to break and set new rules? I'm searching for the answers...

#dogme95 #shortfilm #hindiShortfilm

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