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Kyle Femath: AN03 Progress Reel (Animation Mentor)

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AN03: ADVANCED BODY MECHANICS: Progress Reel: These last 12 weeks have flown by and It was a complete honor learning and growing with everyone as a Team! I can't wait to see what we will all do next class Intro to Acting. We must remember to never give up!!
I don’t do this for myself but for my brothers, who paid the ultimate sacrifice and lost their choice of life. I want to show the world that Infantrymen can also create with their hands, not only destroy. I also want to remind veterans that their life is important and to spread more awareness about veteran suicide/PTSD from War. If I can inspire even one veteran or person with my mission, and show them that life is worth living…that if they only believe in themselves no matter what it is, anything can happen! We must never lose our faith!
Life is very precious and I hope I can inspire people one day with my work! Just like I was inspired as a young boy…watching Toy story and Jungle Book, on repeat. Holding onto the Disney VHS Tapes with a child-like death grip. There was something magical about the animation and I didn’t know it yet, but this would set a path that even a war zone couldn’t rip apart!
Any of us could die at any moment, why not strive to do something we love and pursue our passions? So that we never work a day ever in our life!
I've been blown up, I've been shot, and I’ve had too many close calls to even count. Quite frankly I should be dead and decomposed in the ground by now, but I’m not…and I won’t question it anymore. We are all here for a reason and it has been an honor to learn with everyone & from the Legend Rich Fournier!
I’m ready for the next class and to grow with everyone as a team! I will be a professional Character Animator one day and I will be a part of a team again: fighting together to accomplish each task and mission at hand!! I cannot wait until this day is a reality! We can never give up! Let's go the distance!! To Infinity and Beyond!!!

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