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Here another tricky shot I had to work on as layout and background artist. It was very challenging and fun and taught me a good lesson about 2D.
(shot before and after are here for continuity, I just did the layout of it)
Let me explain to you a bit about the process.

A few months before the deadline this sequence chase, at the end of Klaus, was a kind of mistery for the team and the production for some reasons. We didn't know technically how to do it. The production wanted to involved lot of cg, create a 3d asset of the cave and texture it and render it, but it was too expensive and we were running out of time. So the production decided to give a try in 2D. With @thibautdenise we were in charge with that, and we had 2 weeks basically to do it. We both have a CG background, and have a good understanding of camera mapping techniques and composting, so we were able to work hand by hand with composting and 3d department who did an hard and amazing work on this sequence to camera map all the bg from the background department. This shot is one of the tricky one that involved lot of layers. This is a 60 layers background multiplane, with lot of gyabites... Based on an original concept art by Szymon biernacki.
With the great animation of Sergio Martins on top.
Layout character posings by desi Garrido
Fx by @caracandragon

At the end you don't see the background anymore with the fx and the big Magda, but this is part of the job.

Working on this sequence made me learn something, don't underestimate the power of 2D!

Klaus, Netflix movie 2019.

Directed by Sergio Pablos at the spa studios

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