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Kellee Roeder - Reel 2019

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A collection of works from the last few years.
Thanks for looking! Check out my portfolio for more work and project breakdowns.
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Below are the time codes, project, company, and my role on the project.

00:05 UMBC Winter Session Promotion | commonvision | Design and Animation.
00:12 Parkway Projection: Baltimore Aquarium | UMBC | Design and Animation.
00:16 Happy Pride Month! | commonvision | Design and Animation.
00:22 CNMS Careers Conference Logo | commonvision | Animation.
00:26 Fly Fishing | UMBC | Design and Animation.
00:32 Campfire Bun | UMBC | Modeling, Rigging, and Animation.
00:36 Commonvision Motion Mondays | commonvision | Design and Animation.
00:42 Arabian Nights| commonvision | Animation.
00:46 Neon Rider | UMBC | Design, Modeling, and Animation.
00:52 Monkey Trainer | UMBC | Design, Coding, and Animation.
00:58 UMBC Women's Rugby | commonvision | Animation.
1:05 Commonvision Facebook Banner | commonvision | Design and Animation.

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