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Kayla- Making Knowledge Simple

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You can’t just focus on nutrition, the surrounding factors such as how and why you are eating and how you feel is just as important!

AND this should be broken down on a level that you can understand!

If you are handed a meal plan, it won’t work. Maybe for a few weeks, but then what happens when you want to go out, what happens when vacation comes around, what happens when you forget your lunch and you make it to work?

You need to learn how to navigate life and make progress.

If you are given recommendations with no clear understanding of why, or you're guided strictly on rules of what to eat and what to not eat, you might want to reconsider your plan.

First, it is in your best interest to understand what and how things influence and impact your health, second, you need to be empowered to make good choices on your own - back to my statement above ^^^ this is what helps you successfully navigate life.

You deserve someone that will look at all the things that are impacting your nutritional choices and your ability to reach the goals you have in mind.

Your progress relies on multilevel variables such as stress, movement, sleep, challenges, preference and genetics. Not just nutrition.

There are no quick solutions to a problem that is going to give you REAL results.

There is no “one size” fits all, because YOU my friend are SPECIAL and UNIQUE.

When was the last time you audited the surrounding factors of your life when you stopped making progress towards the goal you were working to achieve?

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